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  • I’ve known Dale for over 45 years, through his long banking career in Vancouver, then his investment advisory business. In these challenging economic and social times, I feel we need his continued firm hand and extensive experience on the board. His three boys have long since completed their learning experience in the Vancouver schools, but his passion for education has remained steadfast over the past three decades. The overall success of the district, including graduation rates and test scores speak volumes about the strong leadership Dale and other board members have provided since the 1990s. He’s experienced, knowledgeable in the workings of the school district, and a man of impeccable integrity. I hope all of you take a hard look at these credentials when you make your choices.
    Kit Young
  • I worked with Dale Rice for 12 years as a fellow Vancouver Public School Board of Directors member. I can attest to Dale’s dedication and commitment to providing each of the district’s students with a love of learning and the tools and skills necessary to earn a living and become productive and compassionate citizens.
    Dale is able to see the big picture. With his tenure on the board, he has irreplaceable institutional knowledge concerning the evolution of the district’s programs and initiatives. With his professional background, he has been a priceless steward of the district’s finances.
    We need Dale’s continued leadership. He deserves your vote.

    Sam Gunn
  • Dale's opponent, Kyle Sproul, has no experience in leading a system as large and complex as VPS. Yet, she seems to have plenty to say about what’s wrong with VPS and very little to offer in terms of improvement strategies. Sproul has financed her campaign largely through individual and special interest contributions.
    Retain Rice. Vote integrity. Vote experience. And vote demonstrated achievement.

    Adam Rice
  • As the gap between the upper and lower class sectors of society is widening, investment in education is essential. Poverty and language are huge barriers that prevent inclusive and equitable quality education. From my experience as an immigrant scientist working for many years in academia, high quality and excellence in education is hard to achieve without passion and strategic leadership. Dale is one of the few people in our community who can provide a real passion, leadership and full support to the education system. During the last few years, Dale has supported our research in many different ways where he and his wonderful family have endlessly provided their vision, time and money. For a brighter future, I'm endorsing Dale.
    Hoda Gebril
  • Being a University Professor engaged in higher education I see on a daily basis that the very best talent frequently comes from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds. The future of our country depends on those bright young talents. Dale Rice has an unwavering passion to support excellence, no matter where talent is coming from; everyone deserves a right for the best possible education. Dale Rice is a strategist with a long-term vision. He wants the brightest future for all our gifted children. Vote for Dale.
    Detlev Boison
  • It seems to be the politically expedient thing to do today to attack school achievement to get elected to school boards. From my years of experience, I can say there is no simple solution. For students to come to school ready to learn, barriers must be removed. Poverty, mobility, homelessness and language are all barriers that must be addressed, and they have been for some years now under Dale Rice’s leadership on the Vancouver School board. Vancouver schools are making progress, and experience and continuity is important to continue that progress. Dale Rice has my confidence and my endorsement.
    Mark Stoker
  • As a recent school board director, I have clear perspective on the performance of current board directors and the needs of the Vancouver School District. Objectivity and strategic thinking are key to guiding and improving Vancouver Public Schools. A director who represents an individual initiative or special interest group might see issues through their own lens rather than from a broader outlook that represents the best interests of our students and community. Dale Rice has demonstrated objective, strategic leadership and is therefore the strongest candidate for Position 1. His experience and commitment are assets, not liabilities as some have suggested.
    Michelle Giovannozzi
  • During my twenty years on the Vancouver School Board, Dale Rice always promoted excellence in the district. He championed many awesome opportunities, encouraging choice for students including: VSAA, ITech Prep, the Challenge Program, and the IB program. Dale is data driven and shows fierce attention to the bottom line. He saved the district millions of dollars on bond sales. Dale’s wife was a teacher, so he is aware classroom needs, providing the students and teachers with important technology and beautiful facilities. School board members should be representative of the community, not special interests. Vote for Dale.
    Mari Greves
  • Dale Rice is an important member of the Vancouver School Board. On Dale’s watch, we have seen the construction or renovation of over 30 schools, and the creation of myriad magnet programs which provide a remarkable selection of specialized classes. Teacher hiring has been greatly improved, bringing highly trained candidates to our community. Throughout these important improvements, Dale has been the voice of financial reason and professionalism. We are a better district, with a more responsible budget because of his expertise and direction. Dale and his wife, a splendid music teacher, are parents of three wonderful sons.
    Randi Holland

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“Unfortunately, poverty presents real barriers to learning for many of Vancouver's students. But together, we are creating hope, opportunity, and transforming the students’ lives.”

- Dale Rice