Re-elect Dale Rice for Vancouver School Board #1

Top 10 Reasons to Retain Dale Q. Rice

  1. The VPS on-time graduation rate has reached an all-time high of 85 percent, and the extended (five-year) graduation rate is projected to reach 89 percent.
  2. According to a recent Stanford University study, VPS provides higher than average educational opportunities and higher student learning rates in a single year than districts with a similar socioeconomic profile.
  3. The VPS board members and district employees are committed to excellence in all roles. Teachers, support staff and administrators are recruited, selected, trained and retained as valued team members with a laser-like focus on helping all students succeed.
  4. VPS offers a wide variety of high-quality choices for students, including Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, Vancouver iTech Preparatory, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, dual language programs, career-technical education programs and more.
  5. VPS has 13 consecutive years of clean audits and a long history of low-interest bond rates, demonstrating wise use of taxpayer dollars.
  6. Nearly all school facilities in VPS are being rebuilt or renovated, providing future-ready learning environments – an investment of nearly $1 billion since Dale Rice joined the board.
  7. VPS provides every student in grades 3-12 with a digital device to enhance their learning and help ensure that they are well-prepared for their future.
  8. Through hundreds of partnerships, VPS reduces barriers to learning and builds school and neighborhood assets to level the playing field for poverty-impacted children and youth.
  9. VPS has more than 50 years of community support for levy and bond measures.
  10. As a parent of three sons who attended VPS, and as a member of the school board for 29 years, Dale Rice has the experience necessary to lead VPS into the future.

We have more work to do, together, in providing an educational environment that can accommodate all of our students equally well,

With your continued support, we will sustain the VPS tradition of excellence and produce even higher student achievement going forward.

“Unfortunately, poverty presents real barriers to learning for many of Vancouver's students. But together, we are creating hope, opportunity, and transforming the students’ lives.”

- Dale Rice